Endosphères Therapy

Endosphères Therapy is a revolutionary method for effective cellulite fighting and body remodeling. The procedure is carried out on an innovative Italian device AkSensor.

AkSenor is a roller device composed of spheres placed in the shape of honey combs. The massager uses Compressive Microvibration system to treat the tissues. The procedure is individually adapted for each client thanks to the built-in special sensor that evaluates the pressure on the tissue depending on the skin’s condition and the number of procedures.

The use of the Endosphère is relevant for body sculpting, slimming, cellulite fighting, as well as for muscle pain relief. After the first session the skin is smooth and toned, reduction in cellulite deposits occurs after 12 procedures.

Together with exercise and a balanced diet, the Endosphère therapy accelerates metabolism and fat burning.