Highly qualified specialists from the island of Bali in Pürovel Spa & Sport

  • Anti-stress for the back

It has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the back, shoulder girdle and neck-collar zone. Ideal for sedentary lifestyles.

30 min / 4200 rub

  • “Travel to the tropics”

Traditional balinese coconut oil technique – perfectly removes clamps, fatigue and depression.

60 min / 6200 rub
90 min / 8200 rub

  • Slim-lifting for the figure

Intensive care with fucus-based balm. Drastically fights unwanted body fat to maintain your figure.

60 min / 6700 rub

  • Foot ritual

Elaboration of special zones of the foot for lightness and mobility in the legs, fatigue elimination.

30 min / 4000 rub

  • Thai regenerating care

Working out the body using a gentle organic balm for fortification and deep saturation of the skin. Step by step, using the balm, every centimeter of your body is worked out, which becomes light, flexible and obedient.

90 min / 8700 rub

  • Relax head care

Recommended for relieving headaches and tightness of the shoulder girdle, promotes hair growth.

30 min / 4500 rub

  • Spa treatment «Chocolate Couturier»

Invigorating care with natural Belgian chocolate.

120 min / 10000 rub

  • Spa treatment «Tropical mango»

Scrub based on Malaysian mango puree.

120 min / 10000 rub

  • Face ritual «Heart of the ocean»

Correction of age-related changes.

60 min / 7500 rub

  • Face ritual «Touch of the East»

Feeling of deep cleansing and toning.

60 min / 7500 rub

  • Face ritual «Shine of youth»

For sensitive and dehydrated skin.

60 min / 7500 rub

  • Berber (Arabic) care

Lymphatic drainage massage with relaxation effect.

60 min / 7500 rub

  • Scrub of your choice

20 min / 4000rub

  • Body mask of your choice

40 min / 4200 rub